Melbourne, NSW residents face up to $6.5K penalty for not buying gas

Residents in Melbourne and the State’s south west face a $6,500 penalty for non-payment of a gas charge on the NSW gas market.

The State Government is also looking into charging drivers for a single use of a meter, with the option to increase the charge to $20 per day.

Gas price increases across the State are currently capped at about $0.12 per litre, with most of the increase taking place in the Melbourne and Sydney areas.

An estimated 6,600 residents have already been fined in the State.

A gas charge is charged when you fill up your car with petrol.

On average, people are charged $20 a day, with those who do not pay more than $1,300.

However, the amount of fines for non payment has been increasing across the state, with a maximum penalty of $6k being imposed in some cases.

According to the NSW Government, about 1,500 households were fined in 2016, with about $2.5m paid.

Nationally, a recent report found that one in five people had experienced a charge on their bills in the last six months.

But a spokesperson for the State Government says it will not be making any changes to the penalty system, adding that it will be a matter for the regulators to decide.

It has been recommended that any increase in penalties should be in line with inflation and not increase the cost of gas.

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