How to deliver movies online from your home in under 15 minutes, with Express Delivery

The video above will show you how to order movies on the internet in under fifteen minutes. 

You don’t need a lot of experience with video delivery to do it, but it’s very simple. 

To order, just press the “Add to Cart” button in the top right of the screen. 

When you’ve selected a movie, the video will begin playing, then the video player will display a countdown of how long you have to wait. 

If you want to order more than one movie, you can add them all to the same order, or you can skip the countdown. 

Once the countdown is complete, you’ll be shown the options to select the next movie you want. 

Selecting a movie from your library will show it in the menu bar. 

Here you can pick from a wide selection of movies, or just select one. 

After selecting a movie to order, you may see a countdown on the video that says “Estimated delivery time in minutes”. 

If it’s more than 15 minutes and you want more, just wait.

After a movie is ready, you need to wait for it to arrive at your door. 

It may take a while for the delivery driver to arrive, but that’s normal. 

As soon as the delivery vehicle arrives, the movie is delivered to you, and you’ll see the movie screen for several minutes.