Roma to offer free delivery of all players and coaches

Via Sport Italia, Roma has announced that it will offer free deliveries of all its players and their families for all its domestic and international games.

The Roma statement reads: “We will offer the delivery of every player and his family to all fans and all fans will have the opportunity to enjoy free delivery for all our matches and away games in the coming days.”

We thank the fans for their patience and we promise that we will be doing our best to deliver the best possible service.

“As the players’ families are part of the Roma family, we are grateful to the fans who are willing to support them on their journey to Italy.”

Roma has been forced to cancel two of its home games in December after being fined by UEFA for violating a ban on free delivery.

The ban on deliveries of free players and family members has been in place since 2013.

It has also been extended to include players and families with children, although this has yet to be enforced.