How to order gold from India with a single email

How to send gold to India?

The process is simple, easy, and cheap.

It’s a common thing to do.

You can order gold by email, via mobile, or even from any of the numerous gold exchanges around the world.

But, if you are not a seasoned gold trader, and don’t want to worry about your precious metals and cash, you can also use a service like to send your gold directly from your inbox.

It works like a mail forwarding service and can send your precious metal to anyone in the world in minutes. is also an easy way to buy and sell gold.

However, this is not the best way to trade gold.

You have to do it by phone.

In India, the fastest way to sell gold is by phone: by calling the National Gold Board (NGB) at (02) 3319 0012.

You should also call the Central Gold Board for details about the price of your gold.

A gold buyer should also contact the National Mint for details of its gold bullion, and if they need to change their order.

You need to know how to find the nearest Gold Exchange, and get the gold from there.