The Warrior Express Delivery -Venezuela

Posted August 11, 2018 03:01:54In the days since the death of Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan military has seen the emergence of the new warlord who rules the country’s oil-rich and lucrative oilfields.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has called on his people to take to the streets and fight back against the countrys warlord.

Maduro, who has also called for the death penalty for those who support him, said on Tuesday that the “war is the greatest of crimes”, and that the Venezuelan people must be prepared to face it with all of their might.

“The war is the great crime of the Venezuelan revolution, and the war is being waged in Venezuela by the military and the government of Venezuela,” Maduro said.

“We are fighting a war against the revolution.

We are not defending the revolution, we are defending the government.”

On Monday, Maduro said that he has asked the army to deploy troops to the capital, Caracas, to protect the country.

“This is a war that will be fought in the streets, and I ask the armed forces of the country to come and help us defend the country,” he said.

Maduriz said that the soldiers would patrol the streets of Caracas and other major cities.

He did not specify the number of troops.

Maduro said the armed conflict would not end until the military overthrew the government.

The Maduro government has been widely criticised for the military’s involvement in Venezuela, which was left devastated by the country s oil-price collapse, the worst in its history.

The US and other Western countries accuse Maduro of using the military to support the government, but he has repeatedly denied this.