What you need to know about Japan’s new internet delivery service

Japanese internet delivery company GfExpress has announced that it will begin delivery of internet express deliveries on Tuesday, September 20.

Customers will be able to pick up their parcels at their local postal office for free.

Gfexpress has partnered with Kinko’s, the largest online shopping mall in Japan, which is also the largest internet delivery provider in the country.

According to the company, Gf express is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to delivery.

Customers can choose between the Kinkos online shopping store, Gb, Gx, Gs, or Ks stores.

The service will be available to all customers from the beginning of next week.

Ggexpress also launched the first internet express delivery service in Japan on April 11.

Customers are able to order from the online shopping site for free, and they can pick up the packages at their nearest post office.

Gfl is currently testing internet express service in Hong Kong.

The company has also recently started a trial service in the US, but has yet to announce any other overseas services. 

Gfexpress announced that the new service will allow customers to order a variety of items from its shopping mall, including fashion, food, home goods, and electronics.

According the company’s website, the online store will allow users to buy products from more than 500 brands including Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. 

The service will also allow customers the option to pay for items directly from the site. 

Currently, customers can order a wide variety of online products like books, apparel, toys, and even a few books. 

There is currently no word on when the service will launch in Japan. 

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