‘We have a responsibility’: A look at Israel’s new ultrafast express courier service

The Israel Transport Ministry has begun developing a new ultra-fast express passenger service in response to the country’s escalating air pollution crisis.

The ultrafast ExpressCargo service will be the countrys first “ultra-fast” passenger delivery service that will be able to travel between Tel Aviv and Haifa within 24 hours of being launched by the country as part of the government’s ambitious Clean Air Initiative.

The service, called the “Kobit” (light), will allow for ultrafast delivery of goods within Israel without the need for expensive carriages, which are normally required to transport goods from one place to another.

Israel has been suffering from severe air pollution and is on course to surpass its previous global air pollution record of 2,200 metric tons in 2015.

Air pollution in Israel has reached a critical level, according to the World Health Organization.

Israel has recorded more than 10,000 deaths from air pollution in the last 10 years, more than double the number recorded in any other country.

The government has said that the country will aim to reach its targets for reducing air pollution by 2030, which means that it will need to increase the number of ultrafast passenger flights to allow the service to take place.

The project will be built on top of Israel’s existing ultra-speed ExpressCarpet Delivery service, which will allow it to deliver goods within Tel Aviv in just under 24 hours.

The ExpressCab service will have two different options for customers, one with a limited number of seats, and one with two or more seats.

The express cab will be delivered by the ultrafast “Kabak” service, the ultra-high speed “ExpressCargo” service.

The “Kimbak” ultra-long-distance express cab service is a low-cost option for ultra-rich individuals, and is currently operating at speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour, or 60 miles per hour.

The high speed ExpressCabin service will also be used by the government, and will be fully equipped with air conditioning.

The new ultra fast express cab services will be rolled out on a trial basis, and can only be used during peak hours in Tel Aviv, Haifa and other major cities in Israel.