“Express delivery” on your smartphone

From the creators of the Apple Car to the Samsung Galaxy S III, Google is building a smart delivery system to help you pick the right product at the right time.

The company says it’s built an Android app that makes it easy to choose what you want to buy with the Google Play store, and it’s adding more functionality to its app.

That means you’ll be able to check out the latest movies, books, and music with the help of the Google Maps app.

“Google is building an Android App to give you a quick overview of the latest news and apps you might like,” the company said in a statement.

Google has also added a dedicated section on the Google store’s main page where you can find reviews and buy things like the Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 tablet, the Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone, and the Google Nexus 7 HD.

“The app also lets you choose which apps to install and which to disable,” the statement said.

Google’s “Google Maps app” (left) and its Google app (right) (Credit: Google) When it comes to Android, Google says that the app is currently available in the Google Store for Android devices, but it’s coming to other Android platforms soon.

The app, called Google Maps, is currently a “one-stop shop” for all things Google, Google Maps Plus, Google+ Places, and Google Maps in general.

It also offers the ability to check up on upcoming events in your area and make suggestions for restaurants, stores, and more.

The Google Maps feature is available in both the Android app and Google’s web version, but you can install the app on a device as well, or download it for free on the App Store.