How to get an obx Express Delivery in China

BEIJING — A Chinese online shopping service is offering delivery services for $25 to anyone in Beijing, Beijing Metro, Beijing Expo, Shanghai Expo, and Shenzhen Metro.

The app, called “obx express,” has been available since early August, and the prices are currently $25 for a delivery to a location within Beijing, Shanghai, and Beijing Metro.

It allows anyone to get a delivery from Beijing Metro to any location in the country, including in the city’s crowded suburbs.

The service is offered to people in Beijing Metro’s Beijing, Nanjing, and Suzhou regions, as well as to people living in Beijing’s densely populated western and central neighborhoods.

The Chinese government said last month it would begin requiring delivery of goods by private companies in the Beijing Metro region.

The move was announced on the same day that a new national security law took effect, making it easier for companies to obtain licenses to operate in China.

The new law has increased the number of people who are eligible for licenses from 20,000 to 400,000, and also requires that the licenses be renewed each year.

In an interview with Reuters, Beijing-based Internet and technology company Tencent said the app was a way to increase the number and quality of goods delivered to Chinese consumers.

The company said the service would be free for the first few days and would be available for the next three days.