4G in Australia: 4G is here, but you’re still not sure where you want to live

4G coverage in Australia is about to get a whole lot easier.

The Federal Government has announced the rollout of 4G mobile hotspot service in the country, and will also allow local governments to roll out the service on a trial basis.

The Federal Government is also introducing a free trial of 4P hotspot, which will allow users to access local Wi-Fi networks for free.

The roll out of the 4G network in Australia will see a range of hotspots across the country from the CBD to the outer suburbs.

While the 4P service will be available to users across the state of Victoria, the roll out will be phased out across the entire country.

It’s important to note that it’s not just a trial, it will be rolled out across all the state’s 4G hotspots, including those in remote areas, to ensure everyone has access to the internet.

The 4G rollout in Australia has been controversial in the past.

The rollout was delayed following protests from locals and opposition MPs who complained that the service was too slow and was too expensive.

However, it’s now been rolled out in a relatively speedy manner.

It means that users will have the option to choose the type of internet service they prefer, with access to a variety of services such as streaming video, 4G apps, and games.

The trial period for the free trial will start from the first of March.

Once the trial period ends, users will be able to sign up for the 4T service, which is the cheapest of the new services, at a price of $70 a month.

It will be extended to a month from April next year.

The trial also means that local councils in the CBD and inner-city areas will be allowed to roll the service out on a “coverage” basis.

Local councils will be encouraged to roll 4G service as a trial and as a “market development tool”, meaning that the system will be offered in all parts of the city, regardless of population.

According to the government, the service will have “significant impact” on reducing congestion, increasing the quality of life for users and encouraging local businesses to invest in new infrastructure.

The rollout is being backed by the Federal Government, the Victorian Government, and local councils, which have been keen to give the public a taste of the benefits of the service.

The new hotspot network will be implemented on a rolling basis throughout the country.

As the rollout continues, it is likely that local areas will start offering 4G services across the whole of Victoria and the rest of the country within the next two years.