India orders $10 billion in food and fuel supplies for Nepal as quake hits country

India on Tuesday ordered $10bn worth of food and petrol for Nepal and announced plans to send $7.7bn worth to the earthquake-hit country.

The move came days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Nepal should be ready for relief shipments.

“We are planning to send more than $7bn in food to Nepal, and we have plans to take on fuel for Nepal, we have given a call for assistance to Nepal and have been assured that it will be taken care of,” Modi told reporters in New Delhi.

The prime minister also announced that India would provide $5bn worth fuel, water, and electricity to Nepal over the next four months.

The money was expected to be delivered within the next three weeks, according to a statement from the government.

Modi said the $7 billion would be spent on supplies to Nepal’s 2.5 million people and the rest on the rehabilitation and rebuilding of the country.

India has been sending food and other supplies to India-administered Kashmir and a host of other parts of the impoverished Himalayan nation, including the southern state of Mizoram.

More than 1,000 people have died in Nepal since Nepal’s worst earthquake in decades struck on October 25, triggering an avalanche of damage that has crippled roads, homes and hospitals.

The government has been struggling to respond to the quake, which killed nearly 6,000, and has also been unable to access the remote mountainous areas of northern Nepal.