Why we don’t care about photos of the poke express

We’re pretty sure you’re not aware of a fact that everyone on Reddit knows: the poke e-mail app that lets you send your photo to your friends is pretty great.

But when you send photos, the app will send them to your friend’s phone, rather than the sender’s.

“The photos that get sent to your phone are the ones that are the most relevant to the recipient,” wrote redditor Danko in a thread dedicated to the topic.

“And if the recipient’s phone doesn’t have the same camera quality as yours, you can just send a photo of your friend with a bad-quality camera to your new phone and have the recipient get a better image.”

A photo of the cute little poke character named Peking Express delivery in its latest release, Peking express.

For the record, the poke app isn’t perfect, and it has had a few major flaws.

The app has a slow speed of delivery and photos don’t arrive in the way you’d expect.

But it’s an app that’s made for those times you don’t want to waste precious minutes waiting for your pictures to arrive.

We’ve reached out to the app’s developer, and will update this story when we have more information.