What to do when you want to buy a cheap meal in Sydney

The prices on the menus of some restaurants in Sydney’s inner-west have been slashed by almost 50 per cent in recent months, according to the latest data from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

“This is a big hit to the bottom line,” said Tony O’Brien, general manager of the local chain Sonic Express.

“You’ll see a big increase in the cost of all meals and snacks in the coming months.”

A Sonic Express spokesperson said the changes had been made as a result of competition regulations introduced in July 2016.

However, many of the new items on the menu have been designed to appeal to families, not children.

The changes to Sonic Express’ menu have had an impact on the prices of a number of items, according the spokesperson.

He said that while some of the changes to prices would be minor, there were some major changes.

Sonic Express said the company had not been able to confirm the actual cost of a meal or snack, but said that prices had increased by an average of 50 per an hour, to about $1.70.

While Sonic Express has not confirmed that the price increase was due to competition regulations, it has confirmed that some of its products are not available in the local market.

It said it was currently negotiating with the Department of Education to allow local businesses to offer some of those items.

This will allow local children and families to enjoy these popular food items, and help support the local economy.

There are many restaurants in the CBD, including Sonic Express, who are looking to cater for families.

A spokesperson for Sonic Express said that it was aware of the issues, and had been working to increase the menu’s appeal and increase the value of its offerings.

But many customers are unhappy about the changes.

“It’s like the price has gone up and it’s just not worth it,” one mother from a low-income area said.

“[It’s] so hard to find food when you need to spend your hard-earned money.”

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