How to use an iPad to get your favourite perfume on the go

Apple today announced a new iPad app for delivering perfume to your home, business or office.

Dubbed “Perfume Express”, the app lets you order an app-free delivery from Apple.

It also lets you take a bottle with you to your office or home.

You can order the app in two flavours: an “all day” delivery of perfume or a “limited delivery” of one or two perfume samples.

The iPad app can be purchased for $7.99 or £5.99, or in both flavors at an additional cost.

Apple will also provide support for the app, and support is currently limited to Apple’s App Store, and in India.

Apple’s perfume app is designed to be used by both the iPad and the iPhone, and offers a variety of options to make it convenient and convenient.

You’re also able to get the app with the iPhone or iPad, or from Apple’s webstore.

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