Why FedEx says it is not paying drivers to deliver packages

FedEx is offering its own delivery service to help reduce the number of deliveries it is paying drivers.

The new service, called Express, is a delivery service for customers who have a FedEx ExpressCard, a $3,500 debit card that can be used to pay for the purchase of products.

It also allows customers to make payment with their cards online, on their phones or in person.

FedEx ExpressCard customers who receive a payment with ExpressCard can use it to purchase items at stores like Walmart, Target and other retailers that accept ExpressCard.

The ExpressCard is a payment option that does not require a delivery driver to be present.

FedEX ExpressCard users can use the service to make purchases online and also use their card to make online purchases at online retailers.

The service will be available in New York, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia starting Sept. 30, and is priced at $25 a day.

Fedex said it has no plans to pay drivers to carry the ExpressCard delivery service, which will cost customers $2.25 a delivery.

FedX ExpressCard offers the option of making payments with an online account or by phone.

The option will be offered in select locations beginning in October.

The ExpressCard works with PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa, Discover and American Express cards.

The company has also introduced a new $20 per delivery fee that will apply to all purchases of $1,000 or more in the next 12 months.

The fee will be waived for customers in the Atlanta metro area.

FedEgg, which owns UPS and FedEx, said the fee was not a cost-cutting measure and will be used primarily for marketing purposes.

It is the latest effort by FedEx to boost the popularity of the company’s ExpressCard service.

The price is significantly lower than the $10 a day fee that customers have to pay to make the $3.99 delivery of products like pizza or pizza delivery.

For example, a delivery fee of $2 per delivery is required for a delivery of $50.

FedExpressCard is the only option available to ExpressCard owners.

The other options are the $5, $10 and $20 fee options.

The fee will help FedEx improve its customer retention, improve its delivery efficiency and improve the ease of using the Express Card, said David C. Hwang, FedEx’s vice president of marketing and public relations.