How to get around the delivery driver shortage

A new delivery driver is on the way to help curb the high demand for furniture delivery.

A new delivery company has signed up to deliver furniture in Cork.

The Cork City Delivery Driver Association has announced that it has signed a deal with Cork City Council to hire a delivery driver.

A company called Peking Express Delivery Drivers (PED) has set up in the city to deliver items to the city centre.PED has been in operation for a year.

The new company will be able to pick up furniture, furniture parts, furniture shipping containers, and other goods.

A Peking representative said the new delivery service would allow the group to take the burden off delivery drivers.

“This is something that we’re very excited about,” he said.

“It’s the perfect solution for us to bring the local community to our doorstep.”PED is now in the process of getting its first vehicle ready to pick-up furniture.

Peddlers say they are facing a shortage of delivery drivers due to the high costs of hiring a new driver and the long waiting time for items to be delivered.

The service has also attracted the attention of the Gardaí.

The Garda Inspectorate has started an investigation into the service, which is currently in the planning stages.