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The Dunham express courier service has been around for more than a decade and has grown from being a small courier service into a fast-growing parcel delivery service.

But now it has become the fastest growing delivery company in the country, with a market share of almost a third.

The Dunhans are also the largest parcel delivery company by volume, and they’ve seen a surge in business as a result.

“It’s a pretty good story.

It has had a big jump in growth,” Dunham executive general manager of operations Stephen Smith said.

“There’s a lot of growth, but the growth has been very quick.”

The company has been a favourite with business owners and the public for years, but it has now taken on a wider range of clients including the Federal Government, State Government and the Australian Government.

A quick turnaround for a business Mr Smith said Dunham was a good company to work for, as long as they were honest with the customers.

“The people that we work with and the people we work for are all honest with us,” he said.

Mr Smith noted that customers had come from a range of backgrounds, including business owners, farmers, people in the hospitality industry and people from all walks of life.

“People from all over the world, people who have lived here for a while and are from a different background, people from rural areas, people with disabilities, people just wanting to be part of the community, people looking to get on a plane, that’s a huge part of our customer base,” he told News.

“We have a lot more customers now because of the increased service.”

Mr Smith was excited about the growth in customers because they are looking for the best services and Dunham delivers on all fronts.

“I think that’s what drives us,” Mr Smith explained.

“You can see that they’re looking for a service that meets their requirements.

They’re looking at how it’s going to deliver, they’re trying to understand what’s the price, what’s it going to cost them and that’s where it all comes together.”

Dunham has been able to continue growing as the company has expanded its delivery range.

“With the advent of satellite-based systems, it has also allowed us to do more delivery options,” Mr Dickson said.

Dunham is currently offering a range the company calls the Dunham Plus delivery service, which allows customers to order an additional package and it is also expanding the service to new areas.

Mr Dinson said the service was very easy to use, especially for new customers.

“It’s very straightforward to use,” he explained.

“They just give you the information, they just tell you what’s in the package and you get it delivered to your door.”

Dunman Express delivers packages from Sydney to Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

It is available in more than 120 destinations across the state, and is currently being expanded.

Mr Dunman said that the company had experienced a boom in growth as a consequence of its popularity with business people and the general public.

“They’re looking to come in here and work with us and deliver packages to their customers that they would otherwise not be able to deliver,” he noted.

Dunman has also been working on new services that will expand the service, including the Dunhann Express courier service.

The company said it is developing a new service called Dunham Delivery Plus that allows customers from across the country to order packages from Dunham’s existing network of delivery centres, and then send the delivery directly to their door.

Mr Suggs said the growth of Dunham would help them expand their service.

“In terms of growth and business, Dunham just really delivers for all kinds of customers and we’re getting really good feedback from our customers,” he concluded.

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