How to install the latest JavaScript on an iPhone or iPad without opening an app

By using a browser extension, you can install a new version of JavaScript for an iOS or Android device.

To install, just select the extension from your browser’s Extensions page.

Once installed, the extension will ask you to choose which JavaScript package you would like to install.

You can also choose from the menu to the right of the extension name to install each package separately.

Some browsers offer a similar feature to the extension, allowing you to install different versions of the same extension.

With Safari, you just need to click the Safari icon in the upper right corner and select Extensions from the popup menu.

If you have other browsers that offer this functionality, you should make sure to select them from the list.

If you are using an extension that requires an iOS/Android device, you will need to install it on that device.

You can install any of the extensions listed above, but we highly recommend you install Safari as it will make your life a lot easier and make upgrading easier.

In the next section, we’ll walk you through the installation process.