Ultra Express Delivery: Cha Express Delivery for Mambos

The ultra express delivery platform is the next evolution of ultra express courier delivery platform ChaExpress.

The platform is based on the Mamboo platform and will be the next iteration of ultra high volume courier delivery service.

ChaExpress offers the fastest delivery time and the lowest cost of goods delivery with the most affordable price.

Cha Express delivery will be available in select cities of India and will cost about Rs. 1,500 per person.

The platform is powered by blockchain technology, which makes it an open platform that will not be controlled by any company.

The ChaExpress team is currently working on developing an application that will enable customers to manage their ChaExpress account, including purchasing and shipping their goods.

ChaAir is the first company to enter the ultra express space.

The company is building its brand to attract customers in a space that has been largely left out by the global courier industry.

The company has a strong presence in urban areas and is looking to expand its service offerings in the upcoming years.

In India, ChaAir has more than 10,000 customers with an average transaction value of Rs. 14 lakh per day.

The average daily transaction value in Delhi is Rs. 13.4 lakh.

The average revenue per day for the platform is about Rs 10 lakh, while the average transaction amount per day is about $2,000.

This gives the company a valuation of around $2.2 billion.

The team is also looking to focus on the logistics industry in the near future.

ChaAir is also working on building a delivery platform for its customers that is open source.

This will enable it to develop its platform for any kind of customers in the future.

Cha Air is a company that has made a strong splash in India.

It has more customers than Uber, Flipkart and Ola, and it has more drivers than most airlines.