Amazon delivery app launches in Australia, New Zealand

Amazon deliveries are now available to customers in the US and Canada, the online retailer announced on Monday.

The app, called Amazon Express, lets you buy goods and services in both countries directly from the Amazon website.

It has also partnered with courier company Razer Express to provide delivery from its US-based hubs, the company said.

“The delivery service is available for all customers in Australia and New Zealand,” Amazon said in a statement.

“Amazon Express is a free, secure and secure online delivery service.

We have made it simple to manage our products and services across multiple countries.”

Amazon Prime members can now order an order directly from Amazon’s website.

The service will work from 9am to 9pm (AEDT) Monday through Thursday, the same time as regular delivery, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In Australia, customers can use Amazon Prime to place an order online or by calling 1300 759 759.

In New Zealand, Prime members have to call 866 479 709.

Amazon Prime deliveries are available for free for new Prime members, and they will be charged $9.99 per item, or $9 per week for existing Prime members.

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“Customers will also be able to view their current and past Amazon orders and manage their order preferences to ensure they’re receiving the best value for their money,” Amazon added.

Amazon Express was launched last year, and is available to US and Canadian customers in both locations.

The US is the world’s biggest online retailer, but its delivery services have long struggled to meet demand from consumers in the United States.

Prime members have also faced delays when ordering, with Prime shipping only arriving in Australia in June.

Amazon launched Prime Fresh, a discount service last year which is available in select cities around the US.