FedEx delivers mail from Mexico to California, Alaska

A FedEx Express delivery truck was in the process of delivering mail from a major Mexican airline to a California, Florida, Arizona, Texas and California cities on Tuesday, but it didn’t stop there.

The Federal Express service will deliver up to 1.5 million packages between Mexico and California, and Alaska and Hawaii.

Federal Express also will deliver packages to California and Hawaii, according to a tweet by the Federal Express blog.

The post was quickly deleted, but a screenshot was posted on social media showing a FedEx Express vehicle on the highway near a house in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

The tweet was later taken down.

According to the blog, the trucks will deliver mail from Los Angeles to San Diego, with a route to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Federal Air Lines is also expected to carry mail from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, with delivery scheduled to begin in April.