The latest on Dunedin Airport’s Dunedin Express train link

Dunedin airport’s Dunitravel Express train service is back on track after an early warning system warning passengers that a train could be running late due to a major power outage.

Dunedin Airport was forced to close the Dunitrave line at 6.40pm on Thursday as power was cut to the airport’s main terminals.

Airport spokeswoman Karen MacLeod said the power was restored at 10.30pm on Friday morning, although passengers still had to find alternate ways of getting home.

Ms MacLeod also said there was a delay of about six hours as a result of the power outage, with some passengers waiting an hour and a half for trains to arrive.

Ms McLeod said passengers had been advised to check their phone status before making their way home and to not go on any trains unless advised otherwise.

The train was expected to return to service in the early hours of Friday morning.

Mr McLeod confirmed the power had been restored to the Dunivrave line but added that it was not yet clear how long the service could last.

Airports across the country have been in an unusual state of shutdown as power has been cut and airlines have been forced to cancel their services.

An update on the Dunedin Power Outage: