Canada to sell ‘express delivery truck’ for $15,000 to meet growing demand

The National Post reports the Canadian government is looking to sell its current fleet of delivery trucks for $5,000.

The National Press reported Thursday that Transport Canada is considering selling the truck, known as the express delivery tractor, for $1,000 a month.

The government has said that a single express delivery vehicle costs about $15-18,000 in Canada, and that the price will rise to about $20-25,000 when new trucks are added.

The Canadian Press reported that the government has also considered selling the tractor for about $1 million, although this would be more than twice the current cost.

The minister for infrastructure, transportation and urban development, Chris Ballard, said in a statement that the purchase would help fund Canada’s response to the growing demand for transportation and goods.

The new vehicles will help Canada meet its growing demand in a timely manner.

The price is based on the number of vehicles needed to provide a daily demand of 4,500 vehicles.

A single tractor can carry 4,000 vehicles.

“This is the type of transportation we need to meet the increasing demand for goods and services and reduce the environmental impact of transporting large numbers of vehicles on our roads,” Ballard said.

The Conservative government said the move would help it meet its goal of having 500,000 trucks on Canadian roads by 2021.