How to use Uber for domestic deliveries

You can now get domestic flights, pick up your child from school or pick up groceries in a hurry, and even take a taxi in a taxi stand.

Here are the basics you need to know.


You can get a domestic flight You can still book domestic flights on Uber, but you can’t book them with the same restrictions as you can on the airport.

For example, you can only book flights on a direct flight between Australia and New Zealand, and you can no longer book flights from Sydney to Auckland, unless you’re a passenger on a commercial flight.

Instead, you’ll have to book a domestic itinerary.

The airline’s website says that a domestic route is “a single-stop, single-city, long-haul, one-stop itinerary from the city to the airport that allows you to take your domestic flight as often as you like.”

But this is not true.

You’ll need to book the itinerary for your next destination, and the next day, which is when you’ll get a flight.


You won’t get a taxi A taxi is a service where the driver picks up the passengers and takes them to the nearest car park or station.

If you book a taxi, you’re essentially agreeing to get a car for a fee.

The driver will get to pick you up and take you home.

There’s also a fee for each trip you make.


You don’t have to have an address A driver can pick up the passenger from the airport and take them to your destination.

You might have to give your address, too.


You must book your itinerary before you fly It can take days to book domestic travel.

You need to pick up passengers and drive them to their destinations before you can fly.

For this reason, Uber offers the option of a pre-booking option, which allows you select a date and time you want to book.

If it’s too late to book an itinerary, you get to select the date and date and a time that works for you.


You have to pay for your tickets The price of your ticket is the same as that of a flight, but it’s not included in the price of the car.

If your fare is cheaper than a flight (and you’re using Uber), it will be charged at a rate of $0.99 per kilometre (about 1 cent of the distance travelled).


You’re not limited to just one city If you want a domestic or international flight, you must book two domestic flights in the same city.

You may be able to book more than one flight if your itineraries include a departure and landing point, such as the US, UK or Canada.


You’ve got to get an address If you have a business or other commercial address, you need a business card for your driver.

If the driver isn’t registered as a taxi driver, you won’t be able see a driver’s licence or get a business permit.

You also have to show your passport or driving licence number if you don’t already have one.


You pay an extra $5 to book international travel You don�t have to wait in line at the airport to book, as long as you’re at least 18 and have an Australian driver’s permit.


You only get one domestic flight in a city When booking a domestic trip, you only get the one flight that fits into your itinerating.

If a trip goes longer than one hour, the driver has to book multiple flights.

You cannot book a single domestic flight on the same flight.


You get one taxi A driver picks you up from the Airport and takes you home in a cab.

You use a taxi for a maximum of five minutes.


You give your driver your address and date of birth When you book your cab, you also give your cab driver your email address and passport number.


You print off your driver’s license and driver’s permission certificate (for each taxi) The driver needs to print off a driver�s license and a driver permission certificate, for each cab you book.

You will also need to show them when you book the cab that you don�’t have a driver license or permission certificate.


You show your driver�a taxi licence and driver permission Certificate When you order a cab, a taxi licence is required, along with a driver licence and a taxi permission certificate from the taxi company.

You are not required to show a taxi license or taxi permission if you use a personal taxi service, or hire a taxi yourself.


You provide your driver with a passport and driver name and address When booking the cab, the cab driver needs a driver name, a driver address and an electronic taxi licence from the driver.

You should also provide the driver with your passport and passport numbers.


You supply your driver and taxi company with the details of your drivers licence and taxi permission You must also supply the