Google has signed a deal with Amazon to deliver packages through Amazon’s Echo device in the US

Google has announced that it has signed an agreement with Amazon that will allow it to deliver shipments of Amazon Echo devices through’s Echo platform.

The agreement, first reported by TechCrunch, marks the first time Google has agreed to ship products through Amazon devices.

Google said that it would work with Amazon on a pilot program to allow customers to use its services, which include voice search, to make purchases using Echo devices.

It also said that the two companies will continue to collaborate on new technologies, including cloud storage and video streaming.

The Amazon deal was announced by Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt in an investor presentation at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

The announcement comes after Google announced in October that it had signed an alliance with Amazon Prime that would allow Amazon to provide a number of features for the company’s Echo devices, including access to Google Maps, search and video playback.

In October, Amazon announced that its Echo devices would be able to receive voice commands through its Google Home, a speaker-enabled speaker that Google acquired in 2018.

Google said in October it had also begun shipping its own Echo speaker to customers, which will work with Google Home.